Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, Now What?

A person can benefit greatly through sound literary analysis. Turning over the symbols and metaphors and discovering connections, even if they are debatable, at least encourages the reader to think and rethink. People who dislike both the book and the film can use my insights to enhance their perspective as well as fans who might be horrified to find they agree.

I’m well-read, and a bit of an outsider: this is why I ought to be listened to on this subject matter. I can use my own gender-bending objectivity as a foil for this culture that mutely abides by rules which trivialize both sex and the sexes. I can use my knowledge of other books to announce Twilight’s inferiority as a novel to the world as a statement of fact.

I intend to gain my audiences trust post by post. I want to build a relationship with my readers through my posts by not only showcasing and fulfilling my purpose, but doing it well. I can be spellbindingly thorough and persuasive. Even if I don’t win them over to agreeing with me with the first post, they might come back for the post that could do the trick. I hope to establish myself as a blogger of quality, and not just another pretty phrase.

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