Monday, November 9, 2009

Late Blong Entry No. 3 "Post-Project-Process-Post"

I really don't know if I did a good enough job remodeling the landing page through Google sites. I know for a fact that it is certainly better than what was originally designed by the Student Entertainment Committee. Initially it was unclean and tough to read.

I think I could've tidied up a bit farther. There might have been ways to make the text more aesthetically pleasing. The alignment, although constant, seemed a little at odds with the alignment of the navigation bar. Try as I might however, I couldn't seem to change that.

I wonder if a change of font could've made things visually improved. Or, if a different color for the text would've suited the Meeting Times page better.

I will, however, acknowledge the things I did do well.

I alphabetized the various subcommittees. Before they seemed to be stacked on top of one another without any real association. I also tried to account for the accurate meeting times. On the original SEC page, there were at least two sets of different meeting times for each committee. Knowing a couple of people on the SEC, I was able to check a few of the meeting times, but not all of them.

I wonder if the bulleted system I chose to display the information in did any justice to the information itself. Would it have been better to format it some other way?

While I do not get a chance to revise this project, I will be thinking about these things when I redo some old enthusiast blog entries and write some new ones.

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