Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bristol or Warren or ....?

There are two areas I could focus on that I know best of all. Bristol, at the top of the list, and Warren, a close second. I know them like the back of my hand; they’re so small they could fit there as well.

Yet, as I said before, do I have the eyes of a traveler or a townie? Which is more beneficial to the travel reader? My hometown’s wiki needs a lot of work, but I’d certainly be up for the challenge. I know a little bit more about area, having lived there for a long time. I know where to eat, and unique points of interest, like this or that cafĂ©. While, Bristol has made a name for itself with its historic Fourth of July Parade, I think there are reasons to go there in Autumn, or in the early Spring. Bristol has museums, and if you reside their long enough you might pick up some Portuguese.

Warren is a little more intense than Bristol, but is the smaller of the two towns. Warren has several unique restaurants and commercial venues in its downtown area. There’s the occasional quahog festival, which is worthy of note: it is the state mollusk, is it not? Warren is also home to the initial site of Brown University, then called “the College of Rhode Island.” The initial building was burned down in a raid, however, in 1778. That is also interesting, yes?

The initial wikis for both these towns I’ve spent so much time in between are absolutely barren. Any trivia I’ve absorbed over the years and can type up would be a benefit.

Perhaps if I observe more pages on Wikitravel, I’ll be able to perfect the voice which works best for describing Bristol, or Warren: a stone’s throw away, but a little different.

Picking a third location would be a stretch. Providence? Barrington? I don’t know enough about these places, but I know what makes them worth the drive. Then again, why I go to Providence or Barrington might not be the attraction someone pursuing through Wikitravel is looking for.

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