Monday, October 5, 2009


Wikitravel is reminiscent of Wikipedia. Yet, it specializes not in the specifics of a place, but in the allure of the place as well as useful information while residing there. The major is distinction is that Wikipedia offers a history of a place, its population, spoken language, currency and etc. Wikitravel offers you why to travel to such a place, and how to go about doing it to your greatest benefit.

It's interesting how there is so much that cannot be covered at once. And just as Wikitravel sprang from Wikipedia, another thing could spring from Wikitravel, perhaps only dealing in native folklore or tourist shops.

I caught my own hometown's page, Bristol Rhode Island. Sadly it wasn't filled in all the way. I was wondering if I could complete it. But, I don't think I could. I have the eyes of a townie, not a traveler; which has cued me into the peculiar perspective necessary to Wikitravel well.

Reading the rules, it was nice to see website administrators lay down the rules. I especially liked the attention given to user pages, and how they shouldn't become "my cat websites." A website, no matter its purpose, can fall apart if there aren't any substantial rules for the decorum of its users. Of course, I'm not advocating any restriction on the total freedom of any web user, but certain websites need certain rules, I'm glad to see Wikitravel understands this. Perhaps the administrators learned the hard way?

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