Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Markup March

Having overlooked the markup in my last post, I've had to rearrange all this information accordingly. It's not terribly hard, the Wiki markup is fairly easy to understand, and in many cases you can just copy some other entry. However, whoever worked on my hometown, Bristol, did not follow the markup entirely, and I will have to correct some of the mistakes.

As I've been working on this project, I've actually gained a new perspective on my hometown. I had a terrible time of High School, and absolutely loathed the stagnation of my teen years. In part I, like many teens, blamed it on my setting. "Bristol" became this entity which kept me down. Growing up, you tend to take the scenery for granted, partly because you're being barraged with so many changes in body, mind, and spirit. It seemed to me that there was nothing to do in town. Nowhere to go, nothing to see.

While my smalltown blues have long since vanished, I was still apprehensive about choosing Bristol as my Wikitravel destination. I didn't think it was interesting enough. The greatest examples of my hometown are all the off-color stories of people I know. Withal, traversing town in my memory and thinking over all the nooks and crannies, I really stumbled upon things that make my hometown unique.

Also, I encountered numerous old haunts of mine, as well as new places or places I've known of but never went to. Now it seems, there is plenty to do in Bristol, and I ought to make up for lost time this summer. You could spend an entire day downtown, floating between the boutiques and restaurants. It is not the Bristol I knew from my adolescence. Indeed, it seems like a much better place to spend my Summer interludes away from college.

I'm excited to rediscover my hometown.

Writing the Wikitravel article has put everything in a new light.

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