Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Google, Google, Google

Google sites is an excessively limited tool. Sophisticated, original designs aren't necessarily possible outside of the basic templates. I feel like Google has already told me how to make the website and I'm just filling in the blanks. It can definitely do the trick though. The Student Entertainment Committee's site is so wanting that anything would be an improvement. I'm sure that however limiting Google Sites is: a simple redesign can effectively include the fixes to the many problems with the SEC's current page.

I've used similar webtools before. O! memories.

My first website was built on Maxpages, a seedy little webhost. The gimmick is their thousands of free applets. Terribly basic java scripts which produce unnecessary effects or diversions which should never be featured on a proper webpage. Yet, it was (and still is) free.

It's interesting how far free website-building tools have come. When I used Maxpages, it was terribly difficult to get by without knowing some html. Precocious in my youth, I had a couple of kickers at my disposal. I could add images, links and scrolling text without inciting the advertisements which came using Maxpages' tools.

This irked my friend and website rival at the time.

He and I had built two respective websites for our pokemon action figures. They would come to "life" online. We'd each ante-up each other with how abstruse and absurd we could make our pages. Of course, that wasn't the mission objective. It just seemed natural to expand the site into page after page of dizzying, pointless applets and text for text's sake if you wanted to make your site bigger and better. I simply had more annoying tricks at my disposal. He took notice. One night through AIM he sent me a recording of him singing "your website stinks" to "Gloria Excelsis Deo"...

It's interesting how the internet and other electronic technologies are effecting my generation and how much it has truly been a part of our youth. What will be the next generations electronic inheritance?

How complicated will the webtools of the future be?

Will my generation shrug just our parents at the mentioning of some new means of expression across wire and wi-fi?

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